The amatuer photographer??? :P

These are some random photos that i took this week. Hope they are good!! i have many talented photographer friends to tell me if they are!!


One of the roses in my garden. My mom spotted it first. this is actually my favorite colour. pale pink... lovely..

These are not cherries!! some other fruits in my garden which my dadi uses to make "achar"(yummy)
A close up view of the first shot

My henna colored feet that i was talking about. I wanted to put it on my hands too but its not allowed in school :(


  1. Umm so you're Kirthi "big foot"? :P :D

    Hehehe, just kidding :) The photos are nice.. well captured actually.

  2. you got my spelling wrong!! its "kirti"... and my feet look big?? they are tiny actually.. just size 5(in Bata) anyways.. thanks!

  3. @Leo: seriously...her feet ARE small :P you should see mine
    @Kirti: LOVE the last pic! My god I am going to get my hands painted with henna at your house or something.
    I like the 2nd pic too...your hands look very pretty :D

  4. thank you Antara :) i told you oh-so-many-times that you are welcome to do that anytime...
    and this is not the cone mehandi you know... natural henna leaves from my garden. thats why it has such a lovely color :)

  5. Those hennaed feet are lovely!


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