there is first time for everything

How does it feel when you are feeling sick and you have an exam the next day?
Ask me. you will get a full, appropriate answer.
i have a lot to practice in Maths and i dont FEEL like studying at ALL. 
i have completed only a single chapter till now and that was the easiest by far- continuity and differentiability.
why cant the entire mathematics be as interesting as calculus.
I mean things like matrix and determinants are hardly for science students. they hardly need any thinking, just concentration and only concentration.
ok, determinants are cool and i like the proving parts but finding out the adjoints and inverses gets on my nerves!!
then coming to the part i positively hate- relations and functions
i hate that chapter. no kidding.
my legs hurt a lot. cant even stand up and walk. i wonder why it has to be like this before exams.
i NEVER fall sick before exams. NEVER.
now i understand what it feels like being really unwell and not being able to concentrate on anything. (except food maybe)
i should seriously start doing something now. or i will probably flunk or something.


  1. Don't worry...I've been having chest pains and extreme weakness since Saturday :| All I'm doing is sleeping these day...yes even though exams are going on...

    Get well soon...and don't worry...tu waise bhi phataphati hi karegi :D

  2. Don't worry too much - you'll be fine. :)


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