This is quite an old poem; i wrote it in class 11. i stumbled upon it quite recently when Sushmita was ruffling by my spiral notebook and said that she liked this one a lot. so i thought about sharing it.
I feel very lazy to type cuz i am blissfully happy watching Smosh and RWJ after WEEKS. and my parents cant complain either. i was a goody-goody studious girl this whole week. Anyways here's the thing(havent thought about the title. suggestions would be more than welcome.)

I see you, in the alley of clouds
I hear you, and the sound is loud
I feel you, tingles down my spine;
And i wish, I could go back in time...

I touch you, there is a wall in between
I search for you, you're nowhere to be seen
I yearned for you, but now you're gone;
and i wait till you come back in the morn...

I pray for you, my prayers go unheard
I speak for you, but my words are blurred
I smile for you, but my smile is fake;
and i wish to erase all my mistakes...

I find you, this time in a tide
I discover you, with a change so wide
I reach for you, there's a stranger in your eyes
and i resign, as i suddenly realize...

I took you, as the bright sun ray
but you regarded me as the night of your day
i leave you, burden on my heart;
but i wish with you i could never part...

I present i am busy admiring my henna colored feet. such a lovely color!!(for info, since this is "shravan maas" for us, it is traditional to wear mehandi before the poornima) My granny was appreciating me for ONCE. i really got a complex past week when my brother was here cuz it seemed like nothing i did could please her. the whole time it was like- Look he is doing so much work even when he is here. sooo sweet of him. and look how well he cooks. why cant you learn from him. let the poor boy sleep in the AC room, you are going to stay here only. huh. whatever. seems like she spotted some girl in me finally :P :P

so long,


  1. that poem is BEAUTIFUL!!! wow!
    And where's the picture???

    Oooo!!! I lovvve mehendi!!! Like reeeeally lovvvve it!

  2. thank you so much Antara.i love mehandi too. im uploading the pic soon :)

  3. Oh wow this is really beautiful professional quality

  4. This is a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it. :)

  5. thank you MLM and Jo. i used to love this poem for a while too :)


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