Daily pains- physics

Physics exam- monday.
can my life get any worse?
ok my life isnt that bad you know. despite all my moaning and groaning. But still. just a single word is enough to RUIN my whole mood. guess what that is?? (no awards for guessing.) PHYSICS.
Why the hell cant i opt for any other subject than that?
why the hell do i have to pass the cut-off in this terrible subject for ALL the exams?
why the hell cant i give any other exam TWICE instead of physics?
why why why??
Please God, either take me or this subject out of this world. we cant possibly stay together in the same place at the same time.(taking physics out would be more preferable actually)
So there were these 3 IIT bhaiyas who came to my house yesterday(all in 4th year). i was typing my story, so i was highly irritable when my mom told me to say the customary hi-hellos'. whatever.
it doesn't pay you anything to be polite-where are your manners- all time in front of the computer-what do you do there??? and blah-blah-blah. so i had to go. i mean i prefer public embarrassment to my parents making snide comments. 
Hi bhaiya.
hello bhaiya.
and then- sit like a dummy.
cool bhaiya. ya, thats right. just ignore me there. no, no i dont mind at ALL. i mean who would if you get such a great chance to admire the boring walls your home suddenly? I WOULD.
i creep out of the room when no one was possibly looking at me (nobody was giving me any patta anyways).
i open my physics textbook grudgingly for a moment when my father call out "kirti".
"what" i shout(in telugu obviously. if i do that in hindi or english my Dadi would probably dig a grave and bury me in the living room itself. she already complains such a lot that i dont know proper telugu).
no reply.
"what?". i shout again.
no reply.
frustrated, i go back to the living room again. i mean i was reading Physics. ok, i mean i was staring blankly at the pages. it's the same thing actually. Reading physics== blank staring== drifting slowly== daydreaming.
anyways, i go there and everyone was staring at me. why couldnt i just disappear into the earth? i am sure Bugs bunny wouldnt mind. i mean i dont need much space to live.
ugh. i am going mad.
why are you all staring at me?? i shout.
no, no, correction. i shout mentally. physically- i am giving a radiant smile.(my teeth are near perfect after all).
I smile till my jaw aches and then i stop smiling. obviously.
i got a sort of mini-scolding from my father about manners and stuuf. this was double quota cuz my mom had already given me a lecture on it.
the worst part is, when you are being sort of mini-scolded in front of others, you have to smile. yes you have to. (dont you dare argue with me). so i smile.
jaw ache again.
"baiya(s) want to know how your studies are going on dear". my father tells me.strange. my father never calls me "dear" anytime.
"so. class 12 haan? we thought you were in 9 or 10"
ha ha ha. that was so funny. i mean what to SAY. my stomach is bursting with laughter. HA.
as the conversation begins, i open up(as usual). People say i am frank-the-great ('-the great tag' is adopted from suranjana) and i live upto my reputation.
the bhaiya's are very nice actually. they talk so freely and nicely. the conversation was all good till the topic of PHYSICS came up.
"i honestly suck at physics. i mean i cant make the head or tail of it. it is so boring" i whine.
"all girls hate physics" they snigger. then the lecture begins
ta-ta-ta-da. (make it sound like a dirge)
physics-is-imp-for-cut-off-marks-in-all-exams and how-will-it-work-if-you-say-you-are-scared-of-physics and you-have-to-read-it-with-interest and it-is-not-a-subject-to-mug-up-like-chemistry.
 and the last piece of suggestion:
"Buy D.C.pandey. It will help you definitely. and it will bring about your interest in Physics. if you have any doubts, feel free to call any of us. you still have time with you. you can do it if you want. good luck"
they leave with me very sober and serious and i stay up till 1 in the night studying physics. it is not that bad actually. Current electricity is cool and i have always had fun solving the 'equivalent resistance' problems.
electromagnetism is a bit tough but i am grasping it slowly.
but it doesn't take out my dislike and obvious fear for the subject.
i hope it goes away in time. i mean i dont want my exams ruined and future ruined since my parents wont hear of me taking literature anyways.
sigh. some people around me are so nice. i mean who takes interest in the i-hate-physics-woes of a 16 year old kid(well i am strictly NOT a kid, but i am for them. if you ever call me kid, i am gonna punch you in your face :P) i am really really grateful. and if this takes out my disgust for physics, i would be even more than just grateful.
but at the end of the day : Please God, either take me or Physics out of this world(taking physics out would be more preferable) :P :P

PS: i dont think i would be blogging this week due to exams
so long


  1. Physics sucks. Agreed.
    But somehow I am loving 12th physics.
    11th physics - I literally felt suicidal. I mean mechanics is awful as it is...plus I had no tuition (I still don't)...I mean I felt like a huge dumbo!

    I wish I could study literature. Life would be so much more fun...and interesting...and I would actually be confident about succeeding :P

    And screw whoever tells physics-is-imp-for-cut-off-marks-in-all-exams and how-will-it-work-if-you-say-you-are-scared-of-physics and you-have-to-read-it-with-interest and it-is-not-a-subject-to-mug-up-like-chemistry.

  2. lol. agreed. majority wins. motion passed :P :P


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