A hurried post

School sucks. 6 best hours of my day getting wasted in front of my eyes and i can do nothing, absolutely NOTHING to change it. i dont get time to write, to post on my blog, to read other's blogs- all the things i love doing so much and i would blame the entire thing on school.
I am posting this after a long long time and that too in a few stolen minutes because my life at present is going round in circles- school, come back home. groan and moan and fuss over not eating. getting scolded by mom. being fed forcibly. period.
i hardly get time to sleep in the afternoons these days for i either have tuition or i have to sit and do the homework. so come back in the evening, go to tuition again. come back at almost 9-10 PM, feeling tired, hungry, sleepy, frustrated. then- struggle to stay awake late nights to study but fail and go off to sleep in tension and panic about HOW i will get into a good college and get good marks in the board at the same time.
that day(rather night) i cried till 12 in the midnight. my poor brother had to council me for an hour. ask the reason??? the same old. the same old. i-wont-get-anywhere-i-have-to-read-in-some-sucking-college blah and blah and blah.
gosh, i am sick of myself.i get depreseed myself and dont stop from getting others depressed too. ughh.
i was scared to death on hearing about the blasts in Mumbai. Many of my relatives and friends stay there but thankfully everyone is safe. hope this terrorism ends some day.
what else. if i type more, everyone(including me) would end up getting depressed. sigh.
ending here(and hoping to get myself killed rather tha going to school). hope i have something cheery to say next time.

hating school...


  1. Ooooo!!! Someone JUST like me...creepy :P
    But the scary part with me is that I am not even trying too hard (academically)...which is scaring me...but not exactly making me do something about it. Crappy.

    And school always sucks...I just wish the vacations had extended (for a loooooooooooooong time)


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