Good people, bad people and much more....

Suddenly i like the definition of the world as given in 'My name is Khan(from the epiglottis :P:P)'. remember it?? there are only two types of ppl in this world- good people and bad people. only that y definiton of 'good' has changed(unfortunately). not everyone is good as i used to think, are they?? some are cheats, insensitive brutes, and in one word, they are BAD. one person changed this definition in just a few days and however hard i may have tried to resist, i had to accept this- one BAD person(maybe two) entered my 'friend' list.

when i say this, dont think of me as a person hand-picking ppl before making frnds, cuz i am not like that. i have this strange tendency to ignore the defects in people and give my 100% to them once i call them my 'friends' because, quoting Miley Cyrus- "nobody's perfect". so it doesnt matter to me whether one of my friends is a 'bad' for the rest of the world, i always wud see the good in him/her.

but, that tendency is somewhat battered now, thanks to that one person(who is BAD). i find much more difficulty  in trusting ppl now, again, thanks to that one person(who is BAD) but atleast, i have shed my insanity of 'blind trust' now. (again thanks to that blah blah). so basically, i am surrounded with both good and bad people but the nice part is, the masks of goodness these 'bad' people used to wear is shed now. THANKFULLY.

so maybe my definition of 'bad' is clear now. coming to the definition of 'good'. Quoting Stephanie Meyer from Midnight Sun- 'good' is an adjective to define a person which is as SIMPLE as it is RARE.
we use this word oh-so-many-times that it is difficult to keep track, but i realised one thing recently that it is really a RARE thing for someone to be simply GOOD. and goodness come to people who have a GOOD HEART. it may not seem like a big deal, but really, some people DONT HAVE A HEART, making that heart good is a matter of later consequence.

so good people for me are simply those who are considerate about others. may not seem like a big deal but it IS. believe me.just caring abt others is a hard task. and what else. that covers almost everything. when u are considerate, u are automatically caring, a bit selfless, loving(of course), understanding, helpful and u dont even THINK of hurting that person in anyway. and if u do hurt, its simply a matter of misunderstanding.

this wednesday(after my last post) i was talking to my mum(as usual) cuz despita whatever facade i wear, there was no denying that iw as felling very very guilty. cuz however i may be hurt i cant hurt anyone. but considering that the person has a hide of hippoptamus it doesnt matter...:P:P
 i said that how can anyone do such a dirty thing... i said that i was sure my brother could NEVER even THINK of hurting a girl like this. my mom nodded and said it also depends on the way you are brought up. when your parents teach u not to do anything 'bad' and u pay attention to it, u wud think a hundred times before doing any such thing.

then i realized that it doesnt really matter to me that i was surrounded by one or two BAD people cuz the no. of good people just neutralize that no. so i was grateful that i had GOOD parents who taught me good things and still do, and if I do something BAD, they forgive me and help me out to cover that badness with goodness;
 i am grateful that i have a GOOD(if not great) brother who is responsible, kind, respects women, and loves me more than my own good...loves me so much that thinking of him gives an ache in my heart....loves me so much that he would rather get hurt himself than see tears in my eyes...
 i am grateful that i have TWO best friends- Arpita and Sushmita who are so GOOD that the BAD ppl disappear in the aura of their love and support... i couldnt have imagined two better ppl as my best frnds...

though my best friends are not there with me all the time, especially at school where i need them the most, i am grateful that i have sattu, rashmi and to some extent suranjana who are GOOD ppl through and through. and it doesnt matter to me wht they think abt me, i will love them and respect them for ever in my life.

and me- i dunno which category i come into cuz i have many flaws but i know this much- i certainly wont come into the BAD category, cuz however short tempered i may be, however rude, however disgusting(sometimes) i am always considerate within. even for the people who leave no occasion to hurt me.
but there is this thing- GOOD people dont HATE anyone and really I never wanted to hate anyone but i am left no choice.
but im sure the thing will pass in a few months...if not years...cuz im not a person who holds grudges forever but im not that great to forgive and forget too...
but then- i never claimed to be GREAT... just GOOD... :):):)


  1. yeah!!!!!!! aura of love!!!!! :P :P :P


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