MY LIVE BLOG AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey people... i talk as is if the whole world reads my blog...:P:P but i know there is much suspense over WHAT actually is my live blog so i told sushmita to take the photos so that i can upload them...:):) so have fun!!

first- a few things... my live blog was just a chartpaper over which i used to stick lil posts till sushmita came that day and i had a sudden mad idea to make it more alive. so i did a crazy thing... dipped my fingers in white paint and in an attempt to make 'finger prints' all over- i messed the thing up...:P:P so enter the most creative friend i have and BINGO!! the thing shines up like a new penny...(well i have to admit, she had to waste a lot of time removing my stupid attempt at 'finger printing'!!!!

I hope it is really clear now why i love this so much and most of all why i value my FRIENDS so much(i mean most of them...)

looking at it never makes me cease wondering how talented my friend is...:):)

Random brush strokes.... the proof of immense craziness and fun we had that day...

the overall view of the REAL thing...:):)

The thing i called an INDECISION post... cuz in most of the part i was cursing that no pen allowed me to write directly..:P:P

Just a poem.... and a long one.... and an incomplete one... cuz i got over the thing i was feeling at that time and decided that moping over it was unecessary- the sole reason being that i found that RWJ had uploaded another video and seriously only an idiot wastes times over moping when u ccud have a blissful time laughing your head off on his humor and wit!!! so i HAD to run off that day and sit before my PC.
and the day when we both were changing the look of it, i had this sudden, mad urge to paint my initials all over the place till sush got tired of me!!

the first introductory post... i mean the very first on my live blog which will clearly tell u how mad and crazy i am... he he... the CO-ZA-ASY caption at the top was added later cuz it seemed like a suitable subtitle to it considering how mad i was after RWJ!! :P:P

the pink and green pattern was my idea... i know its crap...:P:P

 This was the second post- written immediately after the first this one i was raving over LOTR and legolas.... sigh sigh sigh... no wonder there is a nice big LOL over it!!!:P:P

the idea of the yellow zig-zag at the borders was mine... i mean we were just scribbling anything and everything everywhere and anywhere...:P:P least bothered about hoe it wud turn out... seems like it happened for the best....:):)

THIS is the EPIC one!!! i wrote the "I LOVE RWJ" and the red monster was sush's. the green embezzlement around it was all the result of the creative head she has... and i dunno wht made me write the "pitter patter" over that bubble... i think it has something to do with the glitch i have in my head...:P:P

 It sems incredible to me... we started off drawing nice, quaint lil bubbles over it... then v shifted to smilies... then to symbols of music, math etc etc... then the ACTUAL craziness started... PLONK this with red... PLONK this with bliue... PLONK this with whatever near the hand...

i really love this corner... the lovely charm was given to me Kalpana Mam bought in Shilparaman, Hyderabad and its made of paper pulp... incredible and immensely creative...
 Actually the lower half had most of the creativity cuz the uper half was already sort of covered with papers... so drawing leaves and questioning whether they were actually leaves or not was a part on insanity i showed at the bottom...:P:P

do notice the red monster-cartoon sushmita made which has 4 hands and is holding up my posts.... and also the yeallow one on the other side which somehow has a terrible face.... adn when we were admiring our work later... none of us could remember who the hell did it... LMAO...:P:P

do notice the caption- "NSK IS MAAAAAAAAAAAD" at the top. my mom saw it and said... "yeah...that i can pretty well figure out myself" :P:P

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... this wasnt my idea... sushmita sort of threatened me to post this so i m merely obliging her in return for wht she did to help me... PLEASE... i was just having FUN... :):)

this is the one i wrote after the renovation as over...

yeah... i am a bit studios too... not like  i waste ALL my time going mad...over something or the other..

The wind played its role too!!

A bit of maths found its place in my live blog too!!!

Sushmita insisted that there WAS something in my backyard worth the photography...

This is something that put in one word is word- AWESOME....

 i dunno why she took so many pictures... i wanted her's too but when the hell did anyone listen to ME??

So... this was all about my LIVE BLOG... thanks a lot to Sushmita for bringing life to it... and thanks to Arpita cuz unknowingly...u helped us too... i mean the colors and paints were mostly yours(the ones sushmita collected out of the things she was throwing away.. trust her to throw away the things others find useful :P:P)


  1. I love your blog's fresh look by the way :D

    And the live blog...oh my god, it's the most wonderful thing ever!!! I always wanted a message board so I could pin on it different stuff but this is FANTASTIC!

    That charm in the corner is really beautiful!
    And kudos to Sushmita!!! :)


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