This poem was written for my brother. something made me do that. sometimes he just does something out of the blue that makes me amazed to see the extent to which he loves me. i am a perpetually introvert person when it comes to things like this and i never say what i feel like saying at the moment and anyway it would look too stupid if i really DID that; and later when i get into a fight or something i forget all about it and come back to my normal self. so i dedicate this one to my brother who i am sure NEVER reads my blog; i feel bad sometimes but its better if he doesnt see this!!! :P:P

the thing is i never GAVE it to him or showed it to him. we are never explicit about our feelings towards each other but its better this way.

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be,

If you weren’t there forever for me.
Sometimes I shudder how I would walk,
if you weren’t by my side to talk.
But no matter what my heart fears to think,
You are always there each time I blink.

Sometimes I ponder on what I would say,
If you weren’t there to keep my fear at bay.
Sometimes I think who would guide me through,
If you weren’t there as a person so good and true.
But no matter what my mind convinces me,
You are always there wherever I see.

Sometimes I wonder what I will feel,
If you weren’t there to make me real.
Sometimes I feel I would go bland,
If you weren’t there to give me courage to stand.
But no matter what, I always find in the end,
You are the BEST brother God had the grace to send.


  1. This is SUCH a beautiful, sweet poem.

    Brothers are really something else aren't they!

  2. i agree totally... btw i got into a fight with him on the phone yesterday only!!! :P :P
    and pleeeeeeeease can u lend me another christie?? i completed this one on friday itself...

  3. nice to have someone holding your hands along the way, nice work!!!
    happy potluck!

  4. Well written, Kirti! Here is mine:

  5. What a wonderful blessing in your life.

  6. bless you, lucky to have your brother care for you.

    beautiful expression.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. thank you people. yes i agree that i am really lucky to have a brother like mine.

  8. So beautiful and moving you really make me wish I had siblings

  9. i know just how you feel. brothers are indeed so very special.

  10. Sweet, loving and touching:)


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