some little things i love-2

just a continuation of the post i started that day cuz as i said, there are many little things i REALLY love...

11. little masti in between classes: started ever since i came to 11. the little conversations i and suranjana hold together on lil chits of paper when the classes become a drag...:P:P mostly callling each other funny names and with funny cartoons to go with the humorous title... today i was a deaf sleepy head and she was a tuber-filled swollen-head!!! :P:P:P

12. sneezing- yeah i KNOW i am mad... no need to insist upon that particular point... :P:P:P

13. opening my blog and seeing that someone has commented on it- call me vain but praise is sweet...:):):)

14. Talking to myself- call me insane, out of my mind, but it is something i do subconsciously(mind you i DONT TALK IN SLEEP!!!) and whatever ppl might say, it feels comforting, soothing even, it keeps my head clear and it helps a LOT. at least it works for me...

15. Playing the teacher sometimes- well i have been doing this since i was a small small kid. teaching the trees, my bedroom walls, the bookshelves is something i REALLY love and well teaching(by teaching i mean teaching english) is something i dream of in my future. i used to do it ALL the time till class 8, maybe 10 but after that it has somewhat come to a stop. i mean chem and physics are boring already. i cant afford to make them even more unbearable by teaching it to myself and maths is something i love DOING; not blabbering.
but i sometimes i take to teaching the poems but the ones in our textbook are so HORRIBLE that its a waste of energy. but whatever... i still love it...

16. MY LIVE BLOG- i just LOVE it. even more now after sushmita came and changed the very APPEARANCE of it. it looks fabulous now. now coming to the part of explaining what it actually IS. just a random idea of mine(which thankfuly took a life-form) to write not in my diary or blog but directly on a place to which i have DIRECT access. meaning i can write on it even in the  dead of the night. so BINGO- thanks to my ever-supporting mother, we together sported a black chart paper(my mom was insisting on a rolling chart but i didnt need the heavy rollers) and i make tiny posts for it with post-it stamps and other fancy parchmants and stcik it with lilltle bits of 3-sided tape. so u can imagine the breezy effect(i hope u can) most of the papers do complicated mid-air steps with only the top of them stuck to the wall and i LOVE seeing it, reading it, just knowing something soothing. freindly and familiar is out there for me just beneath my nose. my live blog is the freind i have ALL the time- even in the dead of the night.


  1. Hahaha! Love this post!
    I totally want to see your love blog!!!!!!!

    By the way, I awarded you a blog award. Go here.


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