Musing out aloud 2

Ignore the repitition of the title... i couldnt think up of anything more creative, its too hot and humid. :P :P

So the reason for my pondering- as i mentioned before, my latest obsession is  Sum 41 and i recently downloaded many many songs and i already have a lot of favourites. but then, i noticed this curious tendency of mine to switch back to "In too deep"(a particular track), the very first of sum41 i had heard and which had me blown over. It is as if I have to hear this particular song first, and then i move on to the others.

And as i was thinking that this tendency is not something i developed recently. it is always the same. when i start hearing a particular band or an artist, it is obviously starting from a specific song, that someone recommended or i stumbled upon, and i keeep on hearing to that song even after i start that band. i know, its very difficult to understand, but it is something very curious too. thinking back, i find that most of the bands i hear now, started from a specific song, that is some way still 'special' to me, mainly due to the habit of hearing it again and again.

so i thought of making a list of the 'specific' songs that make me fumble with the buttons of my mp3 player till i find it and listening to it before moving on to other favourites

1. LINKIN PARK- believe i have TOO many favs. i think i love ALL the songs of all the 4 albums but the very first i heard and that created a BANG in my world- "Leave out all the rest". i think i used to listen it about 20 times a day... :):)

2. BREAKING BENJAMIN- again too many favs. but the start up was- "The dairy of Jane"

3. BACKSTREET BOYS- "As long as you love me". simply fell mad with the song and... ummm... Nick Carter...:P:P

4. THEORY OF A DEADMAN- "not meant to be". never knew i had this track in my pc, but once i heard it, i cursed my stupidity for not discovering it earlier. after that, there was no looking back, it comfartably made into my most frequently heard.

5. COLDPLAY- "life in Technicolor"

6. LIFEHOUSE- ah.. still cant get over my obsession of the start up track "Smoke and mirrors". jason oh Jason i LOVE your voice. the nasal twist makes it oh-so-cool...(and u youself are oh-so-hot too) ok maybe i should shut up abt Jason wade... :P:P

the official video of this song hasnt been released yet. bt do hear it out...

7. Paramore- "decode"- from the twilight soundtrack.

8. Ray William Johnson- surprised people??? yeah. he is a singer too.... a rapper more like and his songs are so damn humorous, i just fall out of my chair laughing and the music is just amazing!! and its obvious only, the graph of RWJ's talent just goes on up, up and so no surprise he can rap so well....
umm... i got distracted isnt it?? if i say i love ALL the songs he has sung for his channel "Your favourite Martian song" i would be acting biased so my FAV start up song was "Club villain", just impossibly catchy music and GREAT lyrics... :):)

Just check out this song... the one i was talking abt...

9. Justin Bieber - yeah i listen to him and like the songs too. and i can find no reason to hate him or anything. good music, good lyrics and thats what is required by me. (at least he is much much better than that horrible Rebecca Black and her more HORRIBLER(ignore the incorrectness) song Friday). the very first song- "BABY"

10. Taylor Swift- "you belong with me" heard it for the first time on my radio and was blown over by the peepy music, and equally good yrics. watching the video just made me love this song more.

yawn yawn. my list of the musicians i hear is never ending but its my afternoon nap-time now so i am signing off with the hope that i will later make a continuation of this very post and add a feww more to my list.
yawn your head off!!


  1. And hey since you're musing out loud, go listen to Muse's 'Hysteria' and 'Starlight'.

    I love Diary of Jane. And Coldplay (although I listen more to Switchfoot somehow).
    I used to love Taylor I don't. At all. Except for maybe 'Breathe'...but then that has Colbie too :D

    Paramore - awesome. 'Ignorance' is my favourite!

    I lovvvvve Backstreet Boys. They were probably the first ones I listened to.
    But...I love Westlife even more. Helluva much more.

    Good list. And I'll have to check Lifehouse out!


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