A new morning...

I had an academically satisfactory morning today. Practiced integration, did a few exercises of 'word power made easy' and 'better spelling'(it is just another mad thing i started but come on... i need SOMETHING to keep me going these summers!!) and even with a good grace went into to do some sums from the Capacitance chapter. well i gave up after a few so i have to go and complete it properly.

so my new IMPOSSIBLE WISH today- to own a QUILL. i mean a quill like the one you see on Tagore or you read in Harry Potter. sigh. wish i could get one for a birthday gift... but its out of fashion and i wonder i would ever get it but when i am grown up and i get to visit far-flung places i will searching for a quill would be the first thing on my list.

 and i hope it turns out to be more or less like this one.

To escape from boredom a bit, i am doing what i always like to do-  watching 'most subscribed' you tube videos.
it is "Ian is bored" now. and btw next to RWJ, i love Ian. he has a beautiful voice, he makes INCREDIBLE funny videos and nost of all, i love his eyes. they are just beautiful. BEAUTIFUL...
umm guess i said that thrice already but when did i claim that i was sane?? :P:P

Anyways. did i mention that Tech market is a good-for-nothing market?? i mean i couldnt even get a SPIRAL notebook over there.. such crap.
now i cant go to gole bazar just to get a NOTEBOOK for God's sake and a notebook is something i need bad. sigh.
there is nothing more to say at present accept that it is unbearably hot over here. ughhhh...  i HATE summers.....:(:(


  1. I've ALWAYS wanted a quill myself! I think I even brought back a crow's feather once (i was very young by the way) and my mom pretty much fainted :P

  2. ha ha... but i want a feather that WRITES... and i want it bad... but i am sure i wont EVER get it in tech market...:P:P


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