Musing out aloud...

Holidays have started and i am having attacks of laziness again... :P:P:P yawning, yawning, yawning all day...:P:P

right now i am trolling on the net as usual and surprisingly i am loving the ENTIRE Twlight soundtrack. i mean i never ceased saying this that the movie a bucket load of shit; it never did the justice to the epic twilight saga but i was so engrossed in finding faults with the movie that i never concentrated on the songs.(except on Leave out all the rest of COURSE) but now i find- every song is simply AWESOME and needless to say they are going to find a place in my mp3 maybe i should try on with the New moon and Eclipse soundtrack too cuz the movie crew has proved itself capable of collecting a few well-chosen and appropriate songs if not anything else..:P:P well i have to make a correctio- all songs in the Twilight soundtrack are good EXCEPT.... EXCEPT the one sung by Rob Pattinson(never think) sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what was the guy thinking for God's sake!!! its HORRIBLE!!!! no wonder i never liked him... yuk...:P:P he looks horrible, acta horrible, sings horrible and the list goes on.... and on... and on.... :P:P

coming to the point....
i have a hell lot of homework to do now. and most surprisingly, the maximum amount is from ENGLISH.. yeah you read it right: english. well basically its 4 questions and most of my 'friends', well actually all of them; were groaning over it and i had to pretend too(sigh) but in reality english homework is the ONLY thing i like too do... and i will do it this time too...
so the tasks are:
1. write your autobigraphy in 1200 words- yeeesh!! an autobiography!! what were they thinking. i mean, come on i am hardly 16 and what the hell do i write for an autobiography?? i dont have that many life experiences that will stand out and make it an interesting read... still... i think i SHOULD work upon it and make it ummm  chapter wise ?? 5-6 chapters will do the trick. then giving it to sush and arpita for reading will end THAT.

2. read a book and write a review- this one a piece of cake for me... :):):) i have read HUNDREADS of books and i can write one from memory anytime...

3. collecting some ads from paper on 10 diff topics- huh. hardly half an hour.

4. solving the reading and writing section from the last 5 year board papers- aaaaaaargh!!!! FIVE question papers!!! FIVE!!!!! how the hell do i do that???? and it means a LOT of OFFICIAL writing. you know keeping in mind, the format and all. i HATE official writing(its a term i sort of inevented on my own to quote the things like articles, and noticees, and letter to the editors, and advertisemants and etc etc we write at school..:P:P ) well i dont think i m gonna do this but lets see it depends on my mood...:P:P

i feel fresh now... i mean i had my bath at 7:00 AM but my hair was in kinda a mess till now. now its proper.
have to go and study a bit now. and yet again i have run out of novels to read. and i am ALWAYS forgetting to return the PG Wodehouse i borrowed from Antara. i finished it like ages ago but i always forget to return it... hope i remember it this time...:P:P


  1. Rob's other films aren't bad actually. I haven't watched Twilight (never will...hate the story itself and Kristen Stewart too). But he is not a bad actor...Remember Me was actually awesome. And I remember one movie he played Salvador Dali...he is not a bad actor. It's just that Edward's character is horrible (no offense) :P Over-protective, too righteous to be true...I mean not even a human being is so damn nice! :O Ruling out Mother Teresa of course

  2. And guys get awesome English homework!!! Last year we had to cut and paste news from newpapers for every day. Needless to say, I never did it. I mean give me 10 reviews to write, I'll do it...but sitting down and cutting and pasting from newspapers thanks :P

  3. Oh and about the Wodehouse.Arre it's no matter really, I've read it a thousand times anyways :P


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