la la la la...

i feel like singing today.... but sadly im unable to do it, the current state my throat is in, anyone listening to it in a ten-mile radius will run away!!!!(not that i sing THAT bad...its just that i have a terrible cold and throat infection... :P:P)
dunno why though... just felt suddenly- its time i get back to my crazy self(not that anything stops ME from being crazy but still i have been quite down lately)
so i am trying to ease some of my feelings out LISTENING to music rather than singing out aloud. i was listening to Doorie by Atif Aslam just now. i realised i was listening to it after a very long, long time... i have to admit when this song was hot in release i was caught in the charm of the awesome music and heavy timber of Atif's voice but after that i gave up on it quite quickly. i also have to admit that i only like a few selected songs of Atif and it solely depends on my mood. but sometimes only for the pure pleasure of annoying Sushmita i like to drawl about how HOARSE his voice is or how HORRIBLE his songs sound somtimes... but yeah i do like him. no denying that.

so coming back to the main topic(since i strayed away from it as usual...:P:P). this song has got somewhat sweet memories of mine. actually i distinctly remember that this song went wild when i was in class 8. i mean most of my friends would go on singing it, learning the lyrics off heart(i was included in the list btw) so when i went to Delhi for Youth Parliament, this song was buzzing in everyone's mobiles and mp3 players.

when i say sweet memories, i mean it; cuz that trip to Delhi was one of the BEST in my life. i was like a kid over then and rest of the people were all bahiya's and didi's(my brother included) and being cute i guess(ugh) was a plus cuz i got readily pampered by everyone...:):):) so it was either Biswa bhaiya's mp3 player, or my brother's, or my own radio, or Ishaque mam's mobile, or anyone and evryone's belongings which had a thingcalled 'music player' and a 'speaker'.

so no wonder when i returned from there, my head was swollen twice its size with all the attention, or the fact that i knew most of Atif's songs by heart.:P:P

i could really write loads on this topic- u know my trip to Delhi, but i need proper sitting in front of the computer now, not this fltting and typing in between so a longer post on that topis is coming up later i guess.
i sometimes think i should make notes of the places i went to and the things i enjoyed only for the sake of pure fun but i am too lazy for my own good.... :P:P:P

thats that i think. i am again bored to death by this song. cant imagine why i heard it in the first place...:P:P
see?? i sway too much for my own good over these tiny matter!!!! ha ha!!! lol lol lol...:P:P

- the mad kirti at her best again!!


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