some little things i love-1

I dunno what made me write this but today afternoon, when i was returning from tuition, something made me think about the tiny things that give me pleasure and i thought of penning them down..(if u call typing on the blog 'penning' :P:P) anyways- there are many many small things i enjoy but this is the list of the most recent and common ones. i may keep adding a few more as i remember...

1. my ink pen- there were two: one was a real antique one(given to me by my grandfather) with a plastic body that had little blue stars all over it and it had a metal part to its cap which i loved so much that i twiddled with it whenever i wrote and result- that part has come off loose. and it writes just FABULOUS. but the sad part it, the nib is broken and i sort of cry(inwardly) whenevr i see it. :(:(
 the second one- sattu broke it...

2. my spiral notebook- i carry it almost everywhere. it was given to me by my bro on rakshabandhan and i LOVE it. i keep on scribbling it whenever i feel like scribbling.

3. my old pair of jeans- its blue and battered but there is something about the comforting feel of it that i dont feel like giving up. so i change the topic whenever my mom raises the matter of giving it away...:P:P

4. coffee- yeah i know its very common but i dont get to drink it that often so i love sipping like a grown-up with a demure face whenevr i get a chance(which is mostly at midnight when everyone is sleeping and i sneak into the kitchen to make myself some...:P:P:P)

5. my milk mug- its cute. and childish. everyone sees it and has a laugh. calls me kid. but WHATEVER. i cant change my feelings towards it...:P:P it has a nice, cute squirrel face protruding out with its tail for the handle. i bought it in Vishakapatnam i think when i was in the 7th grade and its working for me SINCE then. i mean if i dont drink out of it at least once a day, i feel like some vital organ of my body is missing...:P:P

6. my bedroom- its not like MY bedroom, i share it with my granny(which is usually a plus) but i LOVE it.. nice big windows, nice view, my novels at a clear sight from where i sleep, nice spacious bed(i usually huddle up in a corner and sleep. my mom says 3 ppl of my size can fit into it easily), the sort of weird games i used to play(still play) inside the mosquito net... just INCREDIBLE. cant even think of leaving my home and going to college(which is sorta inevitable)

7. waking up inside warm, soft sheets on a nice winter morning- man.... the pleasurable drowsiness, the immense warmth, the incredible softness and if there is a chilly breeze going on and u bundle up a bit more inside- then there is absolutely NO MATCH for the pleasure....

8. getting up when my mom kisses me on my forehead - believe me: it just feels like you are the LUCKIEST person in the whole world... there is nothing, nothing that can match this. this usually happens when i groan and moan for getting up for school(it hasnt happened for the last 1 and 1/2 year i think) and my mom, just sits there beside me and coaxes me to get up(mind u, she has the sweetest voice in the whole world) or maybe cuddles up with me(if she has time) and then kisses me and come on... i cant pretend to be sleeping after that anymore... the aura of love is too much.. :):):)

9. the feeling of my wet hair down to my waist after a shower- it feels incredible. the silky touch, the soft wetness and the incredible way my comb slides down without an effort; hardly catching a few strands. then feeling the curls bounce on my forehead. i mean lets face it, after its dry, i can hardly wait to pull it into a bun- it feels so damn irritiating; so i enjoy the first half an hour as much as i can...:P:P

10. the wonderful feeling of sitting all alone on the small bench just in my front garden when the wind is playing with my heart and my hair- the feel of the cool breeze saturating the strands of my hair, the green green trees and shrubs dancing wildly in the wind, the leaves scattering(and there is a tree in front of my house that has some weird but beautiful sort of leaves(or seeds) which are all hollow, so in the breeze they make a huge racket but it is homey homey feeling...) little spirals of dust billowing(till they enter my eyes :P:P) and include the things in 1, 2 and 4- its HEAVEN for me....:):):)

P.S.: there are many many more things but i dont have time to post it at one go, so in fractions... :):)
- the mad kirti at her best(:P:P:P:P)


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