The cold-eyed ones...

I never thought it would be this way but i am ACTUALLY enjoying writing my autobiography for the stupid English homework we got at school. The word limit was merely 1200 words; something that was finished in merely 2 and half pages of my minuscule handwriting and i think i have written 5 times of that already or probably 10 times. i have absolutely no idea. but i am having fun, and thats what matters the most.

who's gonna be my first reader??? Sushmita or Arpita i guess, but i have still a lot to write. But one thing is for sure- I m HAVING FUN!!! :):) umm i guess i said that thrice already.
i have also written like two poems in it and i thought of posting it here.

this one i wrote while describing the part of "good people, bad people and much more" about the cold-eyed, heartless people we find in plenty these days:

O cold-eyed ones!
how far will thou go?
You might reach the mountain summit,
and fan your ego for all you can;
but will you find a humane face,
smiling at you below in the sketchy span?

O cold-eyed ones!
how far will thou go?
how far will you reach your arms of torment?
how many others will you wound for your gain?
for someone is out there to pay you back,
your each work of cruelty, your each deed of pain.

O cold-eyed one!
how far will thou go?
how far will you walk in the desert alone?
Alas! the sun cant make your wasted soul burn,
for you will fall and reach out for help
only to find yourself in a sea of cold-eyed ones....

I guess, i am being too harsh, but this is the way i feel. i loathe the people who are 'fake'.
 But i particularly like this one. i think the ending is pretty good...:P:P but who knows, maybe i am just being vain!!!
keep trollin and escape the heat!!!


  1. clever!!! in life there is no room for purity. good n bad are coalesced in humans.

  2. yeah...agreed...but why call this 'clever'??

  3. slightly irrelevant, but do tell me this person's name. I would love to kill him/her (I am in the worst mood in my life) and thus kind of do you a favour. Plus I hate when someone does this to you.

    About the poem:
    I loved the last line...harsh and cruel but very chilling. If you were going to write a book on revenge and redemption, this poem would go right in those pages somewhere. Fantastic!


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