Tired of trollin'....:( :(

RWJ says "keep trollin'" and I faithfully follow his advice cuz well, u might have guessed by now that i am BIG BIG fan of RWJ(and if u havent, not my fault u r such an unobservant fool!!!)
see, see what boredom is doing to me?? make digs at people that too without any reason!!!

so the point is, i am NOT being able to troll the whole day.. (LOL!! :P:P) mainly cuz i have nothing to do except homework, eat, sleep and yeah well troll. Arpita has gone to Cuttack and I and Sushmita watched those stupid, sappy serials on star plus and star one. yeah i am telling you, u can even watch all THIS stuff in desperation. :P:P no kidding. but we had fun anyways, me eating achaar(well more like licking my fingers in the most UNCIVILISED manner) and she icecream. and we nearly fell out of the sofa laughing at a part where the hero sort of lifts up his head and gives a wolf like howl(oh GOD!!)  and he is supposed to be a vamp(believe me it gets worse!!) and its supposed to be a badly copied version of "Twilight"- thank you people, for ruining the story that touched me.


my latest obsession- SUM41. what an AWESOME band!!!!! i was blown over by the headbanging music!!!
In too deep is my current favourite track now. its just SUPERB!!! thanks to Aditi for getting me acquainted with this rocking music.
with Aditi i remember... she is here!!!!  yay!!! and i promised i wud visit her today. and i have THREE tuitions.(Oh Gawd!!). two over, one more to go. and that too with a horrible test on capacitance. (UGH!!)
but lets see, maybe i can squeeze out some time...

i am watching the "Epic rap battles of history" now which are created by Nicepeter(guess its his youtube name) and thanks to RWJ really due to whom i discovered them. if you havent checked it out, do see them people, they are just freakin' AMAZING!!!!!!! the one between Einstein and Stephen hawking is my favourite by far!!

im feeling sleepy now. and hungry. so going off. maybe i wud return to troll some more. or maybe i will just fall off my chair and end up in Hogwarts. stupid, stupid, stupid. such unrelated stuff i am blabbering but whts wrong in hopin???
right??? :P:P
beat and heat!! and keep trollin' :):) 


  1. RWJ...RayWilliamJohnson right? I haven't seen much of him...maybe I should.

    You really watched those serials??? I don't even open those channels anymore :P You really were desperate I see!

    I forgot to tell you...I want to read the autobiography you wrote.

    oooo Hogwarts!!! Maybe we'll meet there??? Because I am literally falling off the chair with sleep...5 and a half hours of continuous tutions :(

  2. yeah sure... u will get it as soon as i finish(if i am ever going to :P:P)
    and yeah... u SHOULD watch RWJ...he is just AWESOME... i often wish he were my bf but there you are, i always wish the impossible..:P:P
    and c ya at hogwarts!!!!!!!


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