In nature's arms...

Photo taken from here

Can I sleep here
in this quiet bower
listen to your breeze
sing a lovely tune?
so tired of electronic hums
screaming in my ears...

Can I breathe here
in this peaceful dream
float awhile
 in your smiling waters?
so tired of reality
crushing me beneath tears...

Can I live here
in this breathtaking green
become just
 a blade of grass you sheath?
so tired of love's burden
caging me with my fears...

I  just need
 a moment with you
can you take my tears
in your bubbling brook?
I need just a place to cry,
a place where
 I can close my eyes
and dream of sweet nothings.
and escape from myself
to become a part of you..


  1. Wonderful composition and beautiful picture!:)

  2. Wonderfully written yet again NS!!
    Nature is such, always peace and calm infusing and a minute in its lap takes all the worries away!
    PS - Please remove the word verification as now two words come and it is very irritating. You can instead moderate comments.

  3. A spectacular one again.
    You took us on a nature journey with this :).
    Too good <3

    PS. Don't start moderating comments :( They always bug me..

  4. In the weirdest manner...i read the first stanza and instantly got reminded of Krittika. :-P

    And by the way...WONDERFUL. Love this one. The flow was absolutely lovely.

  5. wonderful lines with a beautiful picture

  6. @tarang thanks a lot! glad you like the photo :)

    @DS i have removed the word verification moderation also. hope it is working though... I know its very irritating :P
    and yes, nature is such, it acts as a balm in times of despair! thanks! :)

    @Pooja I am glad you experienced the journey i did while writing this! cheers!

    @Antara Krittika?? why so?? and btw i wrote a short story yesterday(phir se Abhi and krittika :P :P) hope i keep my laziness aside and type it soon!!
    and thanks re :)

    @Seema Ji its good to see you here Seema Ji :) and i am very glad you liked my lines :) thanks!

  7. Arre that place where she is lying next to him. In the verandah or someplace. When they were young. Don't know why...woh part yaad aa gaya.
    Aah jaldi dikhana!!!

  8. ohhh... that tree house wala incident. to think of it. yesss... i think you have a point there!!
    and yaar... its very short.....
    than my usual standards i mean :P :P
    just 3 and half pages long... and abhi tak typing start nahi ki :P

  9. So beautifully worded..wish I could play with words to express like this.

  10. you play with words in your own beautiful way Kajal Ji :) i am glad you liked this poem. it is something very close to my heart :)

  11. touching poem.. :D And yea, I too wish I could write such beautifully... :(


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