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Symphony of life
held by invisible threads
Music- where soul rests

Written for: Haiku Heights


  1. I find music to be the same.. where my soul rests :) I lose myself to music so much.

    Welcome to Haiku Heights, Kirti. :)

  2. I love it when someone writes a beautiful haiku. (because I can't. :-P)

    and it is *is* where our soul lies. And also what keeps us alive.

    (P.S. Atlast i figured out a round and about way to comment here. I cannot comment the normal way I used to here...or even at Sam's blog. Oh well at least I can comment :-D)

  3. Lovely ... ahh, what music can accomplish!!

  4. Poignant, music can definitely touch souls.

  5. Wow Kirti :).
    This is awesome :).
    So beautiful and so true!
    Its true that Music is where the soul rests :).

    Great going at an Haiku :).
    Splendid work dear :).

  6. @leo thank you. though i owe this one entirely to YOUR inspiration :) glad you liked this.

    @Antara welcome back!! its awesome to see you here again after what seems like a longgg time :P
    and kabhi TRY mari Haiku likhne ke liye?? im SURE you would write a FAB one. and is this some sort of fault with blogspot itself??

    @Becca yes... music has curious effect on one's soul. glad you like this!

    @DS. true... the fact that something thas so close to our souls is not VISIBLE... poignant as you say...

    @Pooja thank you dear... glad you liked it :)

    @Tarang thank you!

  7. I like the idea/image of being held by invisible threads.

    Music Lesson

  8. @MMT well, music and songs, these things that have such a strong hold on us ARE invisible arent they?? glad you liked the idea. thanks for visiting my blog :)


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