Smothered By Love

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Your sickly sweet tongue
rasping sweet nothings 
burn my ear,
repulse my body,
make my skin crawl
till I crouch
choked by the sobs
none can see,
none can hear

I cant breathe
as your false words
caress me,
punch into my heart 
a million holes
which you fill yet again
with your selfish acts
escape is what i need
can't breathe with you above
I feel smothered by your love....

Muse given by Leo.
PS: I am leaving for a week to Rajamundry and I requested Leo, my close friend and fellow-blogger to give me a topic a day to write verses. This is the first one. Will be posting the rest after I return else a terrible threat awaits me!!


  1. WOW. You should send this for a competition.

  2. I wish a big 'WOW' and 'AWESOME' would convey what I actually want to say :) >3
    *A topic well chosen,Leo* :)

  3. It is sometimes crazy how much I love dark and morbid poetry and prose. The last two lines were simply perfect.
    Someone do me a favour and compose a song with this. Seriously.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Totally Wow!!
    You made me speechless!
    This was perfectly penned down if you ask me.

    And I go with Antara, Someone should really compose a song with this :).
    Its time to call someone who knows music well!!

  5. @The Narcissist Did you really feel this poem was up for a competition?? many thanks for that!

    @Kinara Dont worry, what you wanted to say is well-conveyed!! and yeah, Kudos to Leo for setting me with this!

  6. @Antara Hi-five for liking dark and morbid verses :P song?? isse?? chal hum dono hi compose karte hain :P :P

    @Pooja better start talking again dear, i dont want you to lose your sppech :P and thanks for liking this verse :) and song?? bring in on!! :P :P


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