A moment, forgotten...


I turned her down with a vehemence
snipped every chord of her heart
glued insistently to my own.
Rebuked her, repelled her
away from the field of my life;
who was she to claim my soul?

But why does her heart still beat with mine?
why do i see her tears in every rainfall?
why do i hear her laugh in the silent breeze?
why do her memories still haunt my dreams?

I left her love in a moment forgotten didn't I?
chose to be blind to all the joy she gave me
and just dwell on the recent bitter times...
Then why does my heart crave for a glimpse of her?
why these clenched fists when she's in the arms of another?
I had left her love in a moment forgotten afterall...
Did I?


  1. Loved the whole poem :).
    The last para is written extremely well.
    Another mindblowing job Kirti :)

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