Picture taken from here

In your kohl-lined eyes
there lies a desire that sings
through these words I write.

Written for Haiku Heights


  1. Brilliant work Kirti...:) Loved it!

  2. I am writing something similar to this...:)

  3. @Saru Di thanks!! and longing to read you post!!

  4. Nice one kirti.
    I don't know how you do it, but all your writings have a deep meaning in them.
    Loved it :).

  5. Love the photo. Beautiful girl.
    And this poem touched my heart. We went to this orphanage for girl children and...this reminded me of that.

  6. Such a beautiful girl..and what beautiful eyes she has. Your haiku works so nicely with it.

  7. The pic is so beautiful. And you have given it a nice description with your lines.
    Just perfect!!

  8. @Pooja The photo inspired me this time. there was something in her beautiful, beautiful eyes that drew me and my words...glad you liked this one :)

    @Antara I love the photo too :) and girl's orphanage... i dont remember you telling me abt it... kab gayi thi??

    @MyWordsWhisper i agree... she really has beautiful eyes. that is what triggered this haiku in the first place :) glad you liked this one. welcome to my blog :)

    @DS Ahh... this photo seems to have quite an effect on everyone isnt it??? it is really and truly beautiful :) good to see you here again! :) and glad you liked this

  9. Oh absolutely.. there is desire in her eyes that sings.. and your words definitely reveal her music. :)


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