Photo taken from Pixdaus

Floating in air 
like a colorful drop, is
joy an illusion? 

Written for Haiku Heights


  1. Wonderful picture...and I like your take on joy being an illusion ~

  2. I love the Picture :) <3.
    Aah! Good question.
    We ask that ourselves many times don't we? :/.
    I just hope its not :)

  3. Wonderfully crafted haiku ... and that picture ... awesome!

  4. What beautiful colors in your picture. Your Haiku is wonderful. I do think, sometimes, that joy can be an illusion. But it is better to have an illusion of joy, than no joy at all. Thank you!

  5. that's an amazing picture. seems like an illusion, doesn't it

    five illusions senryu

  6. sometimes, I wonder if joy is an illusion ~~ very nice!

  7. @Grace well, it does seem to me like that sometimes! thank you for visiting my blog :)

    @Pooja we all do wish that, dont we? but sometimes it seems to me just like wishful thiking... glad you liked this :)

    @Chèvrefeuille thank you so much!

    @Karen thanks!

    @Mywordswhisper yeah, its the colors and that extraordinary illusion-like feeling in the photo that caught my eye... and i agree with you. better to have joy, illusion or otherwise than having nothing at all! but can we handle the TRUTH when the illusion fades? glad you like dmy haiku. and waiting for yours... :)

    @Zongrik I agree... it DOES seem like an illusion. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    @Becca thanks! and welcome to my blog :)

  8. Interesting question...and lovely haiku :)

  9. I don't think joy can be an illusion. Happiness is an illusion a LOT of the times.
    But joy is is there when it is there.
    Happiness...these days i feel is overrated.

    You're getting better and better with your haiku. Loved this one.

    P.S. If you are wondering why I never commented on your prev posts...well I loved them, but I didn't have time to write a proper comment. Just a 'loved this one' isn't my thing when it comes to your posts. :-) but i loved each one of them.

  10. @valli thank you!

    @Antara well yeah... you were missed here :)and i feel scared of claiming either joy or happiness these days... overrated as you say... and me getting better!! thanks yaar!! :)
    and i understand, i was wondering BTW... and mujhe pata hai tu bohot padh rahi hai :P :P

  11. Kirtiii :)
    a small gift :)


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