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Beloved spring,
will you reach my garden gate
before the storm?

Written for Haiku Heights where the prompt this week is Spring


  1. She surely will...yes...hold her in your heart..and let joy bloom from your eyes.. I loved this haiku..thanks :)

  2. Beautiful picture!! and innocent haiku:)

  3. Well before or not, she *will* reach you.

    Beautiful interpretation by the way :-)

  4. Nice picture and haiku ~ I hope so ~

  5. Lovely picture and haiku match.

  6. Love your image of reaching the gate before the storm.

  7. Lovely haiku and great photo choice ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Awesome! This is a wonderful haiku. A masterpiece I would say. Well balanced and accompanied with the picture it makes a wonderful haiga.
    Thank you for sharing


  9. @Ramesh Ji thank you for your wonderful inspiring comment Ramesj Ji. and hold in my heart i will... and i am glad you liked this :)

    @Tarang thanks :)

    @Antara I hope it does... thanks :)

    @Grace thanks :) and i hope that too :)

    @Karen Thanks! the Haiku was actually inspired by the photo itself!

    @Judith I am glad you liked the image i used! thanks! :)

    @Carol Thank you so much :)

    @chevrefeuille oh i am so honored you think that way! thanks :)

  10. Kirti, thanks for your comments.. I have written many a haiku linked with each other...chains where more than 05 haiku get linked to tell a story..don't know whether you have noticed.. well give a link to just one here..


    I am sure you will have a look..


  11. A real cute pic with a real cute Haiku :).
    Its really sweet :) Just like you ;).

  12. Great combination of image, words and response to the prompt.

  13. Wow!! Sure it will NS :)

    PS - Thanks for removing the word verification :)

    PPS - Exams nahi hain kya?? Lagta hai sab padhai ho gayi hai!!! Roz nayi post dashboard mein aa jati hai :P :P

  14. @Pooja thanks dear!

    @Poetrydiary i am glad you thought so. thanks for visiting my blog!

    thanks DS!
    PS:you are welcome. i should be thanking Leo though. he helped me with that :)

    PPS: arre first exam English hai. to i spend most of my time reading articles and stuff :

  15. It definitely will :) Just, you must think of the spring as fast and the storm as slow maybe :D Beautiful haiku.

  16. Thank you Valli. I am glad you liked it :)

    @Leo but if storm hits us too fast, it would be a hard time imagining it slow isnt it Leo? and its already hanging on the bay, threatening break anytime... but anyways, i am a one for wishful thinking!! thanks Leo :)

    @MMT lol :P i would rather hang on to the 'maybe' part!! :)

  17. The picture itself tells it all! :D very nice... ;)


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