In glistening drops
emotions unveil, for rage
to me is but tears... 


  1. True words.
    A perfect picture to go with your words.
    Another splendid job Kirti

  2. Interesting blog with some really evocative haikus.

    I used to compose poetry as well (haven't published anything for quite a while though):

    (Also, thanks for the comments on my photoblog).

  3. @Pooja thanks!

    @Sujana thank you! welcome to my blog :)

    @Anubhav Thank you Anubhav :) check out my other poems if you have time.
    and i DID see your other blog as well Anubhav. i am thorough that way :P you have some really beautiful poems but i saw the last you updated was in 2010... so didnt comment. will do now :)
    and well, i love your photographs :) especially that angels in the dark one :) its beautiful.


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