In your tottering steps,
in the sound of your tiny feet
tinkling with silver nupur
and your innocent eyes
that disarm my smile;
I see a beauty that touches
every cell of my body,
every string of my soul
and evokes a music
that echoes in my ears
with an inescapable beauty
and gives me hope
to escape my wasted body
find abode in higher realms -
where angels like you reside...

In your innocent eyes sweet Lalli,
I see a new me,
a transformed me...
without dying I have died
and reborn in the blissful shadow
of your little steps...

In your innocent eyes, sweet Lalli,
I have become the shameful tears 
you would never have shed;
I have become a new man
it took all but your little smile
to change me;
I wonder if this is reincarnation...


  1. This poem made a deep impact on me.
    Some lines in it are totally beautifully and it can be used in our lives.
    In your innocent eyes sweet Lalli,
    I see a new me,
    a transformed me...
    This line is a perfect example how people can learn to change themselves through someone they love.
    I really loved it Kirti :).
    Your writings are getting better and better by the day and I just cant seem to take my mind of it :).

  2. Such a wonderfully sweet poem. Little children can teach one so many things...with their absolute innocence. They have such an uncanny manner of deciphering things.

    Loved the way you wrote about it. Loved it so darn much.

  3. A super fabulous poem. Really strikes a chord deep within the heart. You have penned it down so intricately.
    PS - Keeping little busy with office since past few days. Havent even opened my blogger dashboard, hence missed your posts and hence written comments all at once.
    Will post soon, well I want to.

  4. @Pooja I cant explain how glad i am to know that one of my poems has left such a strong impression on you. if even a single person thinks about what a poet writes for even a few moments, its means a lot for the writer. thanks a million dear!!

    @Antara yes, innocence can teach a lot in the place of tact and wisdom and other things sometimes. and who can set a better example of innocence than mall children!
    thanks you for loving it so much!

    @DS glad you found my verse so striking and intricate. :)
    PS: okays. waiting for your post. some tri-series is going on isnt it? and India tied yesterday?? you have a lot to write then!!


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