You're still there...

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Hold me safe in your arms 
cradle my head in your soft palms
what if you cant touch me anymore?
what if I cant see you anymore?

your essence smiles through my lips
your imprint cries with my soul
what if i cant reach you anymore?
what if you cant now see my sores?

for you're are there like the northern star
guarding my crescent moon from the eclipse
what if i cant see you breathe anymore?
what if i cant hear your voice anymore?

I can still hear your heart beat with mine,
I can still hear your heartbeat in my rhymes.
for you're still here,
with me,


  1. Nice mingle with words! :)
    Loved it!

  2. Nice poem :).
    Filled with deep meaning and lots of feeling.

  3. Exactly. :-)

    and once I even need to say it?

  4. Thats the main thing NS. The memories always remain with us and even though the person may no longer be with you physically but you always feel the presence in your heart.
    Beautifully penned down.

  5. Heartfelt with a lot of depth.. The words moved me :)

  6. Just beautiful. The person might leave us physically but always present in our hearts.
    PS - Be strong, Girl.

  7. @Kinara Thank you!

    @Pooja thanks... glad you liked it :)

    @Arti. i am glad they were able to touch you Arti Di :)

    @DS what you said is true. physically no, but in our hearts... forever.
    and yeah... i AM trying DS... but its very hard... thanks for liking this though :)

  8. I wrote a mcfatty comment here. And apparently it has vanished. And this has happened before too.
    Blogspot hates me.

    Loved the poem. Very beautiful and raw.
    And I am not going to say anything else. You *know* what I want to say. :-)
    Love you Kirtz.

  9. This is sweet,

    thanks for contributing.

  10. @Antara I found a comment of yours and DS in the spam section. dont ask me how or why :P
    and i DO know what you have to say... I love you too :)

    @Valli glad you found this beautiful...thankyou for visiting

    @August thanks!!

  11. Soulful feelings expressed in really beautiful words!


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