10 day challenge~ DAY-1

I thought my poor, dear blog must be missing my rants these days, so i am taking up the 10 day challenge set by Pooja on Indiforum :)
So the challenge for Day-1 is: 10 secrets. so here we go :P

1. When I was a kid, I used to talk with the trees. My favorite one was Derek, a mango tree beneath which we had a swing and i used to spend most of my time there talking :P :P

2. err... I still cuddle up to sleep with my mother. OK, DONT laugh at this. call me childish or whatever you want to but its true :P :P whenever my dad is out for some stuff, i shift to my parent's room :)
PS: also before BOARD exams, like now :P :P

3. I cry for stupid things- the silliest ones include- breaking the nib of my FAVORITE ink pen and losing my diary for a few minutes :P

4. I am CRAZY about cricketers. especially, AUSTRALIAN cricketers. :P (though this isn't much of a secret. Everyone who knows me, knows this :P)

5. I HATE people who are fake. Being real takes such a little effort; I don't understand why people have to be two-faced and ruin everything for others too.

6. I cant cook. I KNOW its a big deal. i mean my family makes it seem as if its a CRIME or something because my BROTHER is an EXCELLENT cook and i don't even know how to make RICE.
(i know how to make maggi though. duh)

7. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Brittania Treat Jim-Jam. Even better than chocolates sometimes. I specially like it the way they say- "open, lick, eat, Brittania Treat!!". And i cant imagine why everyone has to LAUGH when i say this :( :( its most humiliating :(

8. I am OBSESSED with the name 'Abhimanyu'. I dont know WHY. Its just... the name has some magnetic effect on me. Ever since i heard Mahabharata, then read it again last year(C.V.Rajagopalachari's version. Its.... INCREDIBLE...) and then there was this serial on TV whose hero was a Abhimanyu too :P and again at the Illumination last year when i saw that INCREDIBLE RK-Hall theme of Chakravyuha and had a gossebump raising on my arms... the effect of this magical name has become all the more stronger on me... It coveys a sense of calm, bravery and the character of a WARRIOR that i love. and i simply cant get over it...  All these days it was a secret, not it is out :P

9. I get real hurt when someone calls me childish or a 'kid'. People say i haven't grown UP with age and that is so unfair. I don't show it, but i get real pissed off when people don't take me seriously just because i am a 'kid' for them.

10. I can never keep anything about myself from my mother or my closest friends. I always blurt out anything and everything, however small it may be. But i am a solid 'secret-keeper' for others though :P
So if you want to know more of my 'super-embarrassing-secrets' just go talk to my mom, or my brother or Antara or Sattu or Arpita or Sushmita :P :)

Was this ok?? did i live up to the challenge?? give me your views!!!


  1. haha.. nice! You talk with trees, I talk with myself.. :P (mostly in front of a mirror or I just stare myself) :P

    Well, I miss those childhood days where I loved sleeping with my mum. :D :'(

    I liked your last point too. Blurting out everything to friends! :P One should actually do it... :)

    Going good with the contest! :)

  2. lol lol lol :D.
    1,2,3,4,5,6 << SAME PINCH :D :P.
    So alike we are :P :D.
    Gosh! I love talking to trees ;).
    *whispers* even now I do it ;) :D.

    And cuddling with mom :D aah!! Poor dad of mine :P. I ask him to sleep somewhere else almost every day :P :( :P.

    No, comments about 3rd one :P. I can't even say :P. My bro can tell very well about this :P.

    Aussies :D. Who all? :P Lets see if that is same too ;) :D :P.

    No explanation for 5th one. Just as it is ;).

    Hi-5 for 6th one :D :P. My bro is a cook too :P And The only thing I know to cook is Maggi ;) :D.

    Gal I love you :D :P <3

    I have to say I felt happy reading the last point ;) :D.
    I never tell anyone anything :( :O :(. Never could. Sad it is I know :(.
    Hmm! Lucky you :D. I'll be going to Antara now :P

  3. well, frank heart speak is all I can say. superb tree talking, tree's also talk back.and they feel happy too.

  4. Even I talk to trees! Read my latest post to know more about it! And cricket, well I loved Steve Waugh and Gilly!!
    Nice post, nice read:)
    Have a lovely week ahead Kirti:)

  5. Well done Kirti.. very well done... The breaking of the nib pen cuddling up with your mom and talking to the tree are so cute... great going.. I am thinking up of taking the challenge myself...Looking forward to reading more.:)

  6. Waah! Waah! Waah! :)
    Speechless! Great going.

  7. Actually you know, I'm waiting for the last day of the challenge! Guess why? :O

  8. Hehe atleast you talk with trees...I talk with imaginary people :-P I mean I have full conversations. These people even have identities :-P i am not joking.

    Somehow I love sleeping alone :-P but I don't find it weird to cuddle up to her. I lovvvve to irritate her :-P

    Bap re fountain pen getting broken IS something to feel depressed about. I mean they are FOUNTAIN PENS!

    Ugh aussie cricketers :-| the only one I love is Brett Lee. Seriously like the guy a lot. Otherwise...no one else. Oh used to love Adam Gilchrist too :-D

    And somehow we are surrounded by those kinds of people :-|

    I can cook...I think :-P atleast I like cooking. When it is not a chore that is :-P

    Ohmygod those biscuits with that little jelly on top? Aah I have this HUGE thing for them too so don't worry :-P

    Abhimanyu...ahem ahem...chalo yahaan pe kuch nahin bolungi :-P

    Hahaha we might act like kids but we hide stuff well. Plus if being kiddish means havin the amount of fun we do, then I have no problem :-P

    hehehehehehe your secrets. Sorry Pooja can't tell you any of hers because then she will tell you mine and then I will DIE :-P our secrets are too embarrassing for words sometimes

  9. @Ankit i do that too. rather with imaginary people. or rather, with characters of my story :P
    its still childhood for me then i guess :P
    and yeah i do blurt out. very close i am with my friends :)

  10. @Pooja same pinch!!
    and lol over the sleeping part :P
    well aussies like Watson, clarke an dnow Doherty. an dthere was a time i like Lee... tsill do i guess :P
    love you too :)
    and Antara has already given you her answer :P

    @Pramod Ji. thanks PL! frank i always am :P and yeah they do talk back. atleast i imagine they do :P

    @Arti wow Arti di!! good to have something in common with you :) and i will do the blog hop soon :) pakka :)

    @Kajal thankyou Kajal Ji! and yasssss... do take it up!! lets have fun together :)

    @Rohan Thanks :P

    @Ankit its not very hard toguess ankit. though i doubt if anyone will take my poetry seriously if i disclose my photo :P

    @Antatraaaaaaaaaa even i do that yaar. bas yahan nahi boli :P
    he he :P

    exactly my point. so it was stretch for my brother to LAUGH abt it :-/
    Err... gilchrist... not my taste. i currently am all for Doherty somehow. he won my heart with the two catches last match :P :P
    and of course i love Lee. which girsl doesnt :P

    yaar cooking seekhna padega yaar. warna shadi nahi hogi :P :P
    Thank God. i told a friend of mine and he was like- KIDDOOOOO!! hmph :P

    Thike, bacha li meri maa :P

    and kiddish. i doubt if we would call ourselves that after the recnt turn of events :P you know what i mean :P

    HAAN TU CHUP HI REH. :P better you shut abt it :P


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