Verses From My Heart

Volatile thoughts
Envelop with dreams
Resurrect in words
Stronger than before.
Empathize with pain,
Sympathize with hurt.

Frozen life
On paper, becomes
Myriad of  colors

Mingles with truth-
Yarn of my words.

Here I resemble
Every heartfelt thought-
Ardent and innocent;
Remembering past, I
Travel through present...

Leo assigned me this task of writing an acrostic on my blog title. The condition was that I had to use no more than 3 words each line. It was quite a task because I honestly find word limit a pain in the... :P :P
But once I started writing, it came with a flow and I realized how much I loved my blog's name, because it truly depicts what I say- Verses from my heart... Kirti's heart :-)

So, thank you Leo for making me do this, I loved writing this acrostic :-)

And this verse I think would be an answer to all the people who ask me- Why verses from my heart?


  1. Wow :) Very nicely described :D :).
    So nice yaar :).
    Truly verses from your heart :) <3

  2. Frozen life rejuvenates on paper - absolutely so true. I can feel that line. So true.

  3. Fantastic acrostic and a lovely way to describe your blog:)
    You have been tagged! Please visit my blog to know more:)

  4. This is awesome. I think Vinay always bring us motivating thoughts in us...:)

  5. Very well described! And yes, word limit is not for you! Waiting for a short story from you!

  6. Nice Idea and it came out really well. :)

  7. True :) And I think, this is your best work to date, except for one poem which is special...

    Well written.. and only one line went to 4 words. Iske liye penalty milega tujhe :P

  8. Ah nicely done. I could feel how hard it much have been to write. :)

    Remembering past, I
    Travel through present


  9. Frozen life
    On paper, becomes
    Myriad of colors

    I loved these lines..really nicely written...I had heard of Haiku before but i had never seen in being so popular..maybe i should try writing one..


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