Photo taken from Pixdaus

Breathing bliss on  
 dreamy green; peace is all I want
will fate agree?

Written for Haiku Heights


  1. Dont' know dear! :) His fate is something unknown. Hope no anacondas are nearby while he's blissfully dozing off :D

  2. Haiku is also Blissful :D :).
    So pure and so nice :D :).
    Awesome work Kirti :D.

    And yeah, even I want to join you in this BLISSFUL SLEEP :D :P. GOsh!! Studies :(

  3. Love this haiku ... and that picture brought a smile on my face.
    Lovely done on the prompt Fate

  4. Hopefully yes...How cute is this picture ~

  5. your frog is so autocratic,, resting on a leaf, which no on can afford..

  6. A touch of whimsy with that photo!

  7. thanks for the smile - this pic
    is too funny, and your ku is
    on target - bliss on.

  8. Smiling here too ~ Wonderful photo and excellent haiku ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Oooh, what a cute image to accompany your haiku ... they go well together!!

  10. @Leo haha! good one :P i actually feel doing like this froggy right now, i am so frustrated with studies!

    @Pooja Thanks dear :) yeah. sick and tired of physics. kal khatam ho to jaan bache!!

    @Chevrefeuille thanks a lot! i love the photo too! thats what made me write this one :)

    @Grace I hope so too. peace is REALLy what i want at the moment! and i agree! i never thought frogs can be this cute :P thanks to pixdaus :)

    @Ruchi yeah. in his own moment, it seems as if he owns the world! oh i am so jealous of him! :P
    thanks for visiting my blog :)

    @Karen true! glad you visited! i am behind reading haiku this week. hope i catch up :)

    @Marie i am glad you liked it :) welcome to my blog :)

    @Carol Wow. i seem to have earned many smiles today! it feels good :)
    thank you :)

    @Becca thanks!!

  11. Your haiku is charming...perfect for that great photo! Really enjoyed.

  12. Haiku is beautiful and the frog picture is too cute...:)

  13. Perhaps fate agrees with us only if we force fate's hand!

    Fate Has Blessed Them

  14. Hi
    This was really good one...


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