With a tangy taste of siblingship :) (RM#1)

Sitting in the bathroom and dreaming today(:P), thinking about which childhood memory I should recount I suddenly remembered this funny thing.

When we were kids, my brother in class 5-6 and me in 2-3, we had shifted to a new neighborhood in the campus beside DAV Model School(which used to be my school at that time).
It was a kind of lonely neighborhood, few people lived there and the gardens attached to the houses were HUGE. So the houses were set wide apart and there weren't many kids to play there.

So, I and my brother used to go to our aunt's house which was like half a kilometer away(in the campus itself) because their's was a joint family and we used to love going there.
My brother used to take me there on his bicycle, because i obviously wasn't trusted on MY bicycle on the roads, I used to make a point of jumping out of it and running off here and there to collect grass(yes, i had this HUGE fascination for grass :P)

So, we used to have an arrangement between us, me and my brother I mean. We used to set a password for the bicycle ride and my brother used to make a point of NOT starting till I said the correct password :P
It used to be a natural course of action for us back then because we both were huge fans of Famous-Five and Secret-Seven and OBVIOUSLY Blyton fans know about the obsession of these super secret groups for password and stuff.

So, WE used to have a password too. It would depend on the stuff we were reading or watching right then and as far as I remember, we used to be huge fans of Shaktiman at that time and stuff like 'Andhera kaayam Rahe' mostly used to be our passwords :P

And you can guess what would be my state if I FORGOT the password. My brother would make a point of wobbling the cycle till I either burst out crying in frustration, or he took pity on me and told me the password.

As we grew older- me in class 5-6 and he in class 7-8 :P- the passwords grew more complicated :P
And i had these three chances of guessing and lifelines used to be one or two hints :P

Oh the rules were too complicated. But this endearing game came to and end when i was old enough to be trusted on my own bike. I still miss those days where happiness used to be so underrated and easy to achieve. But we cant help if shadows of time obscure these happy moments for us can we?
So its memories all we have...

I love you Anna... wish we could have those funny games again!! :-)

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  1. Aah those Enid Blyton days. We used to have these clubs and passwords too...so much fun!
    I still read Enid Blyton for fun sometimes... :-P

    Hahahaha oh god but bicycle ride wala password...so funny!!! "Wobbling the cycle" when you forgot the password and you crying - seriously SO frickin cute :-P

    sigh...everytime i say 'kya the wo din' i feel like an old maid...except it is true...

  2. @Antara sach me yaar. it is so cute... i was smiling myself while typing it. and strangely i had a lump in my throat while typing the last part... :)
    And i read Enid Blyton too.. i still love Malory Towers and St. clares so much!! :)
    and yes... it is true.. sach mein kya din the.
    glad to have made you smile :)

    1. I absolutely LOVE malory towers even now.
      Aah i never had a sibling so no sibling memories :-P

  3. I love Blyton :D.
    We used to have passwords in school ;) :D.
    It was awesome :) :D.
    I read it still now :D :D. Really awesome I say :) :).

    Such a nice memory :).
    Me and My brother had different kind of adventures because he was already in HIGH SCHOOL when I started my school :-/.
    Anyways, we can never forget the fun we had with our brothers right? ;) :D.
    The best days :D.

  4. Absolutely loved this new idea! <3
    I wonder if this password-password game would work even now ;);)
    Brothers are always so much fun!:D
    You are indeed lucky to have an elder brother! (I always wanted to have one such bro! :P)

    It was fun reading!:)
    Regards to both the siblings:):D
    Take Care<3:)

  5. Why dont you submit this in the Kissan contest? Its a beautiful post, those childhood days are really special!!

  6. haha... these 'summer of 67's are evergreen pleasing sensations we preserve and cherish throughout our life :)

  7. @Pooja yeah i love Blyton too. and i am glad you liked my memory :)

    @Antara I feel the same too. and dont worry, you have me :)

    @Kinara Thanks! and maybe, though i dont think i would ever be sitting behind my brother's bike anytime now!
    and yeah, i consider myself lucky too, though it can be a pain the ass sometimes :P
    i am so glad you loved it!
    thanks again :)

    @DS well, the contest ended DS. and i am glad you liked this. i am sure you have such wonderful memories with your sister too!

    @Anunoy Ji i agree. they indeed please us any given day! :) thanks for the visit :)

  8. "I used to make a point of jumping out of it and running off here and there to collect grass".... still laughing on this point .. ! :P :P :P ;)

  9. It's good to have such memories. They make you smile when you're feeling sad.. :) I got many with my (cousin) sister!

  10. wow how nostalgic.. loved it

  11. Yeah I guess every reader starts the young days with Blyton's stuff. I honestly agree it has to be Blyton who kindled the interest to read as well as write.
    There were times when me and my buddies used to lap a couple of Blyton books per day. And all of them hold a special place in my heart today!

  12. Hey Kirti, I know about Enid Blyton love. Mutual :)
    And I especially loved Malory towers and St. Clare's and dreamt of boarding schools. You crying out of frustration is so cute :) Made me smile man...damn I missed reading your blog. Going through all your posts; smiling at every little detail :)


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