RM#2 Mostly about Delhi- Part 1


Despite my complaints about my school and some people whom I dislike there, I actually have so many exciting and lovely memories to recount that it would take up a hundred posts to do them justice :)

Of the many things my school has given me, the ones that would top the list would be the amazing experiences i had a chance to live.

One such awesome experience and memory of my life was Youth Parliament. For people who don't know what this competition means, Youth Parliament is a mock parliamentary competition organized by the Ministry of Parliamentary  affairs, Government of  India that takes place amongst all the KV's and Navodaya Vidyalayas, and colleges too I think.

So, our school started competing for the year 2006-07(I was in class 7 then and oblivious to the world around me :P) and my brother who was in class 9 was selected to take part as some minister from the ruling side.
Our school won at the regional level and went to the national level.

And then in the beginning of class 8, it happened to me too.
It was a chance, a coincidence or probably my twisted luck which maybe isnt twisted as i believe it to be :P
I went to the gents staff room to fill water bottles. Session had just started I think and water used to get over by the tiffin time itself.
So we had to go to the staff rooms to get it filled. The added bonus of it was that we got ice cold water from there.
But it wasn't always that we were allowed to get it from the staff rooms cuz the teachers could get bitchy and drive you out.
But the teacher's favorites always had a plus because then they wouldn't really mind who took the water etc etc. So I was pushed to the staff room most of times to do the job :P as I have always said, being in good books of your teachers helped sometimes :P

So on one such day, when i had gone to the staff room to get our bottles filled, Purohit Sir, our Social science teacher for class 7 saw me and jabbered something excitedly to Kar sir, our vice principal and Social science teacher at THAT time in Oriya.
And Kar sir broke excitedly too, wagging his arms till i got scared that I had done something horrendous. My worst fears got confirmed when they both asked me to assemble in the meeting hall in the last two periods.

After spending an entire hour in apprehension and fear, I was surprised to see my brother, his friends and all the high and mighty bhaiya's and didi's of classes 10, 11, 12 in that room ALONG with our Principal Madam. THEN i was informed that I was probably selected for Youth Parliament because they needed some new bali ka bakra to take the oath.
But as it turned out, I was given a better role of an MP with the opposition(they were probably impressed by my excellent Hindi speaking abilities :P :P) where I had to curse the railway minister with druing the question hour :P

And thus began my tryst with the the-then important elite group of my school :P
It is SO obvious that I was inflated with pride and happiness to be the YOUNGEST member in the team and i used to pose before my frieds with killer dialogues of "Arre mujhe Youth Parliament ke practice pe jaane hai. I cant possibly come and play an immaterial thing like BASKETBALL right now. duh" :P :P

I never totally realized the importance of what I was getting, not even when our school stood first at the nationals and we were taken to Delhi for a week to get the prize and also perform there.

That is how I went to my first trip without my parents, not that I missed them or something :P but going alone to DELHI was a huge thing then when i was like 12 or something :P

And that is how, this all started. It is so obvious that I couldnt finish this memory in one post, hence the tag "Mostly about Delhi- part 1" :P

There is more coming up- of WHAT all actually happened there; there are so many things to share, I could probably write a novel :P

So adios till then and I hope I have get you all waiting for the next post!!!!


PS: you can read the previous post(RM#1) here.


  1. It's not twisted luck, its a good luck you have (unlike others ;) )
    Excitedly waiting for the next part :)

  2. @Nitin haha! thanks :)

    @Antara oye tera comment DELETE ho gaya!!!! by mistake!!! reply karne gayi and clicked delete. anyways, its for Govt schools only i think. KV's and Navodaya's.
    and he he :P
    yeah. will post soon :)

  3. Must have been a harrowing one hour. Why is it that sincere students get sacred over the slightest matter while those who do all the wrong things are not disturbed by anything?
    Looking forward to your story from Delhi!


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