10 day challenge~ DAY-3

Today's topic is 8 fears. So here we go with the revelation again :P

1. Failing in exams- I say "main to kal poora fail" before an exam so MANYtimes that it gets on the nerves on EVERYONE :P :P

2. Lightning- I am always scared it will hit me.

3. God- Of COURSE :P

4. Disappointing my parents- I dont have much expectations from myself, but my parents do. though they never show it. This is the biggest fear in my agenda cuz i cant really bear seeing disappointment in my life. Hope God gives me enough strength to fulfill their dreams...

5. Not getting a decent college- do i even have to elaborate WHY. :P

6. Burglars- when i cant sleep off at night, every scrape in my room seems like a a robber sawing off the window railings. yeah, i know i am insanely stupid :P

7. Not being able to survive in college- this is a very valid fear i think, cuz girls like ME definitely cant survive.DUH. this gives me jitters sometimes :P

8.Messing my other boards as well- Ok so Physics was messed up big time and though i am not the only one wailing over this, i dont care. I just want a decent score so that i can scrape off the cut-off for St.Xaviers or IISER(though its a fat chance) and get admitted in SOME good college. So i hope i dont ruin my other exams too.
That reminds me, i should probably be getting along with chem!!


  1. hehehe :D.
    Again Samee pinch ;P =)) for many of them :P :D.
    Nice post :D

  2. One thing, you shouldn't be afraid of robbers, because you have a great talent to murder. They should be afraid of you though, hehehe. I too was afraid at my time to see the result even. I had tied a thread at khwaaja moinuddin chisti dargah, with only one desire, somehow pass the exams.

  3. Kirti, I remember trying out the 10 day challenge and ending on day 3 :P HAHAHA ! Maybe we should finish it up? Whatsay?


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