When you dont have anything to say, and BINGO! a blog post :P

Some things cant be explained. There are times when you hesitate to write something even on your OWN blog just because you are scared you would...

See, this is one of such times. Never thought i would feel depressed with something so DETACHED and far off. but it happened. with me. Big deal.
Sorry but i have more IMPORTANT things to be worried of. Like my messed up Physics paper and my parents thinking I am the only one who messed it.
Dear papa, open Times Of India. See the children crying. UNDERSTAND the reason behind my tears.

When everything was going along fine(it didn't take me long to get out of my depression over physics. awesome friends like Sattu and Antara and a nice long walk and later two chocolate milk shakes and sandwich in CCD helps :P) another bombshell had to break.

Can anyone blame me for not watching serials?? I HATE drama. Unless its Christie writing it :-)

I have quit the 10 day challenge.
Sorry but I dont have the mood :P

Chris Martin, i love you for Coldplay that cheers me up no matter WHAT.
And Jason Wade, I love you for amaaaaaaaaaaazing songs like Blind and Smoke and mirrors that brings goosebumbs on my arms and PIERCES my heart.

"Straight through my heart, a single bullet got me, i cant stop the bleeding..."

Backstreet boys... I love you too. Ever since I STARTED listening to English songs. Nick carter, you are so awesome... you make me cry over I Still and Crawling back to you

Antaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I LOVE you for Switchfoot yaar. And for everything else. I love you so frickin much.
* blows kisses *
muaaah :)

"Look at the stars
look how they shine for you
And all the things you do
yeah they were all yellow.

I came along,
I wrote a song for you
and all the things you do
yeah they were all yellow"

Havent heard this?? You want to waste your life?? here, hear this :-)

And Leooooooo!! thank you so much for Westlife. My love for their songs is unexplained. I cant even WRITE about how much i love their songs... and the LYRICS.
GOD!! I love you so frickin much for making such talented people!!!

*blows kisses again*

If you still havent heard Us against the world; you seriously need to get a life. :P
Just kidding. you can have it here!

I honestly get goosebumps over this. My heart stops. OH GODDD!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!
Leo, i cant thank you enough :-)

So stupid of me. i should have just made a blog post when i was feeling depressed!! my mood is better again!! yay!!

PS: Ignore the rant, enjoy the songs :-)


  1. OY... "I love you for 'insert-band-name' and for everything else" - this was MY dialogue :P Copycat

    Atlast you listened to Westlife...if you hadn't for a few more days I would have punched you :P

    And I love you too :P Last do din se hum dono shayad ek dusre ke saath hi non stop baat kiye =))

    by the way chemistry mein baansh khayenge...

    Hugs to you ladki

  2. HEHEHE :P couldnt resist. had to steal off :P :P
    copyrights bhi chahiye kya?? :P
    haan yaar. seriously. didnt realise what i was missing :)
    seriously yaar. main to kuch padh hi nahi rahi hun thanks to something :P and kal meri fav cousin is coming home to aur anda pakao :P

    hugs back!! :)

  3. Oh, some of my fav. songs here :D Welcome for Westlife btw. They're my fav. band of all time, even ahead of Linkin Park (close 2nd.), but then again, you know that :)

    Music and posting a blog post.. two things that are always cheerful and cheerable ;)

  4. love your music selection:) You are so beautiful! Love your posts!

  5. @Leo good to see you here :P and yeah, i know these are some of your favorites. and westlife, i love them too, thanks to you!
    agreed, music and blogging akways cheer up and when they go together, its even more cheering!!
    cheers! have a nice weekend :)

    @L thanks for coming :) well, i am a huge fan of YOUR music selection too! and thanks :) have a nice day ahead :)

  6. aah! :( you shouldn't have quit with the challenge! :( :P
    and yeah, Backstreet boys are still my favorite! :D :D :P
    altogether, a nice post! :D ;) :P

  7. @Ankit thanks! well i may join some other time. :P
    and yeah, BBK still my fav, but i have moved on to better bands :P i still love them though :)

  8. Dude Yellow is my absolute favorite. And antara got tuned me into westlife and their amazing words!


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