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I yearn for the time
when eyes smiled, heart dreamt; childhood-
when truth had felt true 

Written for Haiku Heights
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  1. I yearn for those days too, Kirti. The truth did feel true then!

    Nice one! The photo too. :) Well said.

  2. Oh to feel the wonder of a child again...beautiful haiku

  3. I miss those days of mine! :( Very well written! :D

    PS - Can you explain me what is this Haiku Heights? :P

  4. Wow Kirti.
    Even I yearn for my childhood :).
    The pic and verse goes really well together :).
    Another awesome job :D ;).
    *HATS OFF* :)

  5. @Leo yes. it is so hard to believe the truth now...
    thank you :) i am glad you liked it :)

    @Susie we all feel that Susie, dont we? thank you. and welcome to my blog :)

    @Ankit we all miss our childhood days Ankit. and thanks,i am glad you thought so.

    PS: Haiku is a form of japanese poetry which consists of 3 meaningful lines in the syllable form 5-7-5 or 3-5-3.
    Haiku Heights is a meme blog hosted by Leo and every saturday we are given a muse on which we have to pen down our haiku.
    here is the link-
    read the instructions etc. you would understand :)

    @Pooja thank you. I am glad you think so :)

  6. Wonderful haiku expressing a yearning ~ my 'inner child' is still with me ~ have fond memories ~ namaste, ^_^

  7. Purity of childhood when truth felt true..indeed..I loved your haiku..

  8. Really nice haiku and so sweet picture!:)

  9. Awesome haiku dear....I yearn for that time too!

  10. What a great line..when truth was true ~

    How I wish to travel back to that time ~

    Happy day ~

  11. Oh to have even an inkling of those days again ... very nice turn! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Leaving childhood behind is difficult. Lovely haiku.

  13. Yes, childhood was like that. Who does not yearn for those days? I still dont know what a haiku is, but what I do know is that you write beautifully.
    PS - Been busy. Dont write comment on each post but be assured, I read all of them.

  14. @Carol thank you for the beautiful line :) yes... the inner child is still there :)

    @Ramesh Ji. thank you. childhood for me signifies that... truth. i am glad you liked it :)

    @Tarang thanks tarang!

    @Valli thank you dear! and yes, i do too :)

    @Grace i am glad you thought so :) hope you have a good sunday too :)

    @Becca yes. that would be so nice Becca, i wish that too. thank you for liking my haiku :)

    @karen it is difficult Karen, becuase it is the best time of our lives. isnt it? thank you :)

    @DS yes, we all do. truly. And haiku, just go to Leo's haiku heights yaar :P and thanks :)
    PS: i know you DO read my posts. comment whenever you get time :)

  15. Oh, well! TY Keerti for explaining the Haiku thing. Will have to try someday... :D ;)

  16. "when truth felt true". I really like this. It did feel like that for me, too.

  17. @Ankit oh you are welcome :)

    @MMT yes! it IS impossible! thanks for the visit :)

    @Mywordswhisper Thank you so much. and yes! it feels like that for most of us...

  18. nice ...that last line is great...and magic seemed so much more real then as well

  19. @Brain thanks. and i agree with you :) thanks for the visit :)

    @Janaki thanks!

    @Simran Thank you! welcome to my blog :)

  20. Well, Kirti Didi, magic was so immaculate then and truth was honest. But we must learn to enjoy this phase too. Anyways, this was good and the photo too. You could have posted that photo of Bhaiya and You when you were small.

    And thanks for making me understand Haiku !!


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