10 day challenge~ DAY-2

Moving on to the 2nd day of challenge, I have to disclose 9 Loves today.
So here we go!

1. Books- oh this is so obvious. I am a HUGE book-worm :P

2. Music- This is very obvious too, i can hardly live a day without listening to music. And i am into all kinds of songs, mainly English and though i have very little patience with sloooooooow songs(i am more into rock-hard or soft :P) i listen to them all the same. Any suggestions of new songs or bands would be welcome :-)

3. My old blue jeans- cant imagine WHY my mom is always insistent on throwing it off!! i LOVE it :P

4. My 2010 diary- well, it has my half-finished novel, something i still love despite the gaping story line :P and some nice poetry and some MORE of half-finished stories and some really silly diary entries :P All in all it is the first diary I almost finished :P

5. My pretty orange rubber band- Oh i have so MANY rubber bands it actually takes three vanity boxes to get all of them in :P but this one is my favorite. It has a cute orange head of a cowboy and 3 starts dangling. I call him my "chunti" :P :P

6. Ian Hecox- Is there any reason why i should NOT love him??? he is sooooo ADORABLE. For people who dont know who he is- Ian is one of the creators of SMOSH, a you tube channel which is really really funny. The other member if Anthony Padilla, Ian's friend and they together make me laugh even in my darkest moods. To have real fun with this talented guys, check out their youtube channel
oooooooooooh!! you like him too do you?? please say YES!! :P :D

7. My besties- Arpita, Sushmita, Sattu, Antara- 4 people i cannot live without... i love you all :-) thank you for making my life wonderful :-)

8. My brother- ah... do i even have to explain this part??? it is so obvious!!

9. My parents- for giving me a chance at living a life(by giving me birth of course :P and a good education and a good bringing up :D). For my ever-encouraging mom who is with me in EVERYTHING i do. no wonder i am so close to her :-)

yahooooo!! so i am don with the 2nd day too!!!


  1. Nice :)
    All the best for remaining days!

  2. umm .. books huh! I like dem.. to some extent probably ! :P
    Music - we share a different interest here! I'm not much into rock, hard, metal etc ! :P
    Old blue jeans - I hav one too! And ma mom does insist me to throw it away. :P
    2010 diary - o.O Complete the novel :D
    orange rubber band - a cute point :D
    Ian Hecox - well, ty for dis! I've heard of this youtube channel for da first time.. ;)

    doing a gr8 job with the challenge.. :)

  3. Me too a bookworm, but past. great frank speak.

  4. Hehe in sab mein we are really alike. Except for the Ian guy. Don't even know him. Love Michael Fassbender though :-P (in fact is topic pe tere saath baad mein gush karungi :-P)
    I love old blue jeans....so comfy!
    Mera shayad aj tak koi diary fill nahin hua :-P

    P.S. Chem padh rahi hain? Mera toh padhne ka thoda sa bhi enthu nahin hain. :-( :-P

  5. @Rohan thanks rohan. hoping to complete it in time :)

    @Ankit well, i LOVE books :)
    and complete the novel? ahh.. the plot was a bit... err... too fantastic :P so left it mid-way. :P i still love it though :)
    thanks :) the band IS cute :)
    and DO check out smosh. its AWESOME :)

    @Pramod Ji. thank you!!

    @Antara ok ok. still waiting for your call or for the reply to my last text. there is such a LOT to tell you!!
    and haan yaar sach mein comfy :)

    PS:kahan yaar. kal poora din to cabot padhi :P

  6. Hahahaha :D Nice ;) :D :P.
    Same Same Same Pinch :D ;) :P.
    Except rubber band ofcourse :P.
    And IAN :D :P. Same name but different guy ;) :D :P.

  7. NS, You are studying Chem and what page have you opened here???
    Also You saw Exorcist at night, are you nuts???!!
    Sorry, I read your diary entry by zooming it :P

  8. @Pooja he he he :P :P yeah. your Ian is cute too :)

    @DS!!! you read the ENTRY!!!! well i guess i was asking for it. so sorry you saw one of my worst handwritings :P
    and yeah i am most prone to doing stupid stuff. though we were scared SHIT after that :P and guess what. next day i had an EXAM :P
    and ahh... how you SCOLD me :P i love it though :)


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