Random Memories

Sometimes, when you are all alone cooped up with your thoughts, you cant help a few memories from the past haunt you aagin. Mostly they are things that make you shudder and force you to block them out of mind, but we do relive on some pleasant memories too, don't we?

So I am starting this new genre to my writings, Random Memories because today(sitting in the bathroom and dreaming of course :P) I thought, it wasn't worth to forget these things that make you smile suddenly. So I planned to post some random memories of my life-childhood to teenage- just little things I cant forget, little things that touch me, amuse me, make me smile...

These are the things I feel happy to share because I believe in making others smile, and these posts, surely would get me my aim :-)

hoping to make you smile,
and smiling myself
Kirti :-)


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